HR Advice for Boards

If the company is a machine, HR is the oil that keeps it moving forward in the right direction. Which is why, increasingly, HR is a board level concern, and why we provide board level advice.

Here at HR Connexions Wales we believe firmly in the importance of sound HR practice. Without the basics in place, things go wrong. Without a strategy in place, companies struggle to grow in the right way. So we work with and advise directors and boards to grow their understanding of the value of HR.

As experienced professionals, we believe that it is vital to evolve the HR know-how of the organisations we work with. We like to work with HR teams to share our experiences, and mentor individuals that are looking for professional development. It’s what the training bods call ‘up-skilling’. We call it nurturing.

Our ‘HR Advice for Boards’ is a service for HR managers and Board Level Directors, designed to fill any knowledge gaps and provide a sounding board for HR ideas. This helps you develop compliant HR strategies that deliver significant value to your organization.

So if your board needs HR advice – call us today.