HR Basics

It takes a lot of time to get your head around HR legislation. So we keep our advice straightforward and easy to implement to make sure you’re compliant – that way, it won’t give you a headache.

We’ll help streamline your basic, transactional HR processes to smooth the day-to-day running of your business, including:

  • Job Descriptions: we’ll develop detailed job descriptions & person specs to find the right people
  • Employee Contracts: we’ll design sound contracts, the basis of all good working relationships
  • Employee Handbooks: we’ll keep your T&Cs up to date with the latest Employment Law
  • Payroll: we’ll put processes in place to ensure you’re compliant with HMRC
  • Recruitment & benchmarking salaries: we’ll help you recruit with a pragmatic straightforward fixed cost approach to finding the people you need.
We don’t recommend unnecessary services. We’ll do what needs to be done quickly so you can get on with building, hair styling, or personal training – whatever your core business is – without us hanging around.
That said, we offer an on-demand support line, so help is always at hand, should a difficult situation arise.


If now is the time to put your HR Basics in place call us today – we’ll be happy to help.


“Dorothy from HR Connexions Wales was like a breath of fresh air – she offered us a straightforward approach to our HR strategy that helped us improve our operation, and in the process we had a lot of fun working together. ” ~ Professor Tony Hazell, Penarth Arts & Crafts Ltd ~ 

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