HR Projects and Shared Services

Convincing people that ‘change is good’ often requires much more than showing them the business case. People need to be helped through the process. HR teams play a vital role in this facilitation in order to maximize the commercial benefits.


Even when a company is performing well, there are always opportunities for organisational development such as restructuring staffing – and chances are, you’ve identified them. Now all you need to do is support your staff to implement the changes.
Having worked with companies on many projects, we have extensive experience of advising and inputting to strategic organisational change programmes, as well as helping to shape and implement specific HR projects. We’ve got a great track record of helping HR teams deliver against their objectives:

“HR Connexions Wales understood the big picture, adapted to the needs of our particular organisational culture, and enabled us to make rapid progress. Dorothy, our consultant, did a great job with us during her contract, earning respect from UK and international stakeholders while dealing with some complex issues and ground breaking concepts…” ~ Wayne Gwilym, HR Director, Rockwool Group, UK & Ireland ~ Read full testimonial >


Our HR Project Management service aligns your HR plan to your business strategy, identifying critical success factors and keeping the team on track with clear objectives so that the project is effective.


If you need experienced HR professionals to help you implement organisational change, then call us today – we’re here to help.